Pre-Ride Check

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Prior to each and every ride, to ensure you spend more time enjoying the outing rather than battling with mechanicals, the following are a must do each and every time you are taking your bike out.

  • Check tire pressures and condition – When last was sealant (if used) checked.
  • Do a brake check.
  • Front/rear wheel quick releases or thru-axles are secured.
  • Bolt tightness throughout – Mainly stem and seat post.
  • Seat and handlebar height correct.
  • Light check (if you will be riding in poor light or dark – Best to use daylight running lights any time you venture onto public roads)
  • Lubrication check – If using wax based chain lube, apply early enough to allow drying time.

There is nothing more soul destroying when amped for that ride and you have to push a busted bike around the trails or on the shoulder for kilometer after kilometer. 3/5 minutes of going over the above points can prevent much frustration.

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