Bespoke WheelWorx

Welcome to my true passion.. wheel building.

Custom Wheel Building

Whilst I pride myself in being capable of providing a high level of service in the form of servicing bicycles, my root passion and personal reward come in the form of the bicycle wheel.

All Bespoke Cycleworx custom built wheels are subjected to the same thorough, attention to detail and precision regardless of selected components.

Only selectively sourced components which I personally have faith in, that will provide the rider with the most durable, best-performing wheels to compliment their ride.

I believe in supplying a wheel solution that will provide the rider with a long term return on their investment and avoiding proprietary items can be easily maintained as needed.

Every wheel built from scratch is supplied with a report reflecting each and every spokes balanced tension reading and within a very narrow degree of acceptable variance for the entire wheel.

**Custom Wheel Guarantee**

Bespoke Cycleworx guarantees all components to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year after original purchase. This is non-transferable and valid to the original purchaser of the custom built wheels. This does not cover rebuilds where components not supplied by Bespoke Cycleworx or are previously existing/used components have been used.

Lifetime Truing:

Bespoke Cycleworx provides free truing on all custom built wheels, for the lifespan of the custom built wheel. When used under normal conditions and riding habits. Bespoke Cycleworx is confident that the building process and selection of components used ensures a reliable, durable and lower maintenance wheel.


Life happens.. Should you sustain damage to a wheel, as a result of a crash, pothole, short landing on that gap jump or any other non JRA (Just Riding Along) cause. We can do the repairs needed at a reasonable loyalty rate.


New Wheel Builds

~ Custom new wheel builds
~ Multiple selective components can be sourced
~ Quality brands: DT Swiss, Wheel Builder etc
~ Each wheel build provided with build/tension report



Start at R450 build fee per wheel, excluding components


Wheel Related Services

~ Radial and Lateral Truing
~ Dish check
~ Offset check and setting – Cannondale Ai
~ Nipple Replacement (cracking/damaged)
~ Broken spoke replacement
~ Tubeless Conversions, upgrades and checks
~ Rim corrosion repairs
~ Balanced tension check


Contact for specific charges related to required service.